DMV Test Bike FAQ

DMV Test Bike FAQ

What are the steps?

Make your drive test appointment by calling the DMV at 1-800-777-0133, and book ANY TUESDAY, ANY MORNING "DRIVE TEST" (NOT Motorcycle) APPOINTMENT, SAN DIEGO CLAIREMONT DMV, then Show up at 8:15am. That's it!!! I will be there. Thanks!

How do I get my permit?

Head down to any DMV, read the Motorcycle Handbook, and take the written test. You do not need an appointment. Note if you have not recently taken the drivers written test, the DMV may ask you to take that test as well.

Motorcycle Handbook
Example CA Motorcycle Test

How do I get an appointment?

FIRST call the DMV at 1-800-777-0133, or go online, and book any TUESDAY, ANY MORNING APPOINTMENT, SAN DIEGO CLAIREMONT DMV, then show up at 8:15am. Address: 4375 Derrick Dr, San Diego, CA 92117. That's it!!! I will be there. Thanks!

When is the bike available?

The DMV Test Bike is available every Tuesday at the San Diego Clairemont DMV. Meet time is 8:15am regardless of your appt time.

What do I need?

Bring your helmet, permit and $50 cash. You don't need to bring insurance. Trust me. I'll take care of all the paperwork for you. If you don't have a helmet you can borrow mine.

Where do we meet?

I'll meet you in the motorcycle parking area at the San Diego Clairemont DMV (directions below). You do not need to check in at the window first.

How much?

$50 cash covers bike delivery to the DMV, insurance on the bike, practice, and the test (in other words, everything you need to get your license). 
Payment accepted: cash on site.

How much practice do I get?

You'll have at least 30 minutes of time to practice before your scheduled appointment. This is plenty of time to get comfortable on the bike. Most only use 15 minutes of practice time due to the ease of riding the DMV Test Bike.

What type of bike is it?

A Yamaha TW200 supermoto. This bike was chosen specifically because it is the smallest freeway legal motorcycle made, is lightweight, has a tall, smooth first gear, and a low seat height. It has been modified specifically for the test with street tires, a lower seat height, and smooth gearing. I've had 4'10" riders use the bike without any issues. A scooter will cut in and out as it goes around the circle, making riding very difficult. The DMV Test Bike sails smoothly around the circle without any gas, clutch, or brake.

Will your bike qualify me for a M1 license?


What does the test involve?

Here's a low-quality video of the DMV Test Bike in action that'll give you a good idea. The test is easy on the right bike. VIDEO

Where is the San Diego Clairemont DMV?

4375 Derrick Drive
San Diego, 92117
Meeting spot: Front of DMV, motorcycle parking area.

Why the San Diego Clairemont DMV?

This DMV has by far the easiest test circle and the nicest examiners.

Are you affiliated with the DMV?

No. Socal Supermoto LLC offers the Test Bike offers services so you can pass the State Exam. You'll need to call the DMV at 1-800-777-0133 to book your appointment.