Why I ride the track


I try to communicate to my clients what it's like to ride the track, and it usually comes out something stupid like "You should ride the track, because it's really good."

So here's Mateo: 
"In light of recent motorcycle calamities, I don't blame anybody for considering hanging up their helmets, but this is for you.

We just finished up a 2-day track event that inspired me as always. Years ago, after losing several riding buddies, I transitioned to mostly track riding and downsized the street motorcycle to smaller supermotos, and now only a zuma. I do miss riding canyons as frequently as before, but the main point I want to make is that TRACK was the answer.

1) A track bike can be much more cost effective than a street bike. 
2) Insurance and registration costs are little to none. 
3) track fees, lodging, and transport (carpool) costs are vacation allocations for me.
4) I become a better rider on each lap, after 20 years of plateau'd and stagnant skills. 
5) With 40 minutes between riding sessions, camping, and the after-parties, there's WAY more comraderie than in street riding. We are a family. 
6) Track organizations cater more to casual and beginner riders than they do to race-oriented riders. Don't stress. It's a zen ride on cleaner and safer roads; not a race. 
7) I'm a motorcycle and adrenaline junkie, but surprisingly, I would choose six track weekends a year over riding canyons every single weekend. It's way more fun and more than enough riding for the year. 
8) Track riders are like-minded. We are all eager to help you make the transition."


4/24/13 Wednesday, Adams w/ dirt 
5/11/13 Saturday, Apex, dirt section grand opening! 
5/15/13 Wed, Adams w/ dirt 
5/25/13 Saturday, Adams asphalt only 
5/26/13 Sunday, Adams w/ Dirt 
6/1/13 Saturday, Adams Night School 2-9pm 
6/2/13 Sunday, Apex Sportsbike Fundamentals

Kelly: Like the bad ass she is...


Pic of the week!

Shot by new photog at the track Travis Kolt! Kevin sliding at speed