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A quick word about who we are

Welcome to Socal Supermoto!

Brian Murray

Brian with two-time World Superbike Champion Max Biaggi

Socal Supermoto llc started back in 2003 as DMVtestbike.com. I realized the DMV test was near impossible on most street bikes so I started loaning out my personal XR400 supermoto bike . Since then we've helped thousands of riders learn to ride and/or get their M1 endorsement. I come from the philosophy that proper technique not only makes you a safer/better rider, it makes riding much more enjoyable.

I realized the best way to really teach my students was to bring them to the track, so we added superrmoto! I've owned 20 bikes, everything from liter sport bikes to scooters to harleys. Supermoto to me is the most pure form of riding. Just two wheels and an engine, ridden EVERYWHERE: Dirt, street, track, twisties, urban commuting, freeway, mx, you name it. My personal riding grew by leaps and bounds when I started doing supermoto trackdays. The combination of the excellent handling, immediate feedback of the bike, and varrying traction is the perfect recipe for teaching riders exactly how all motorcycles respond. That and it's just plain fun. If you feel comfortable on any motorcycle, you're going to love supermoto, and the skills you learn with us will translate directly to whatever you ride.

Whether you're a new rider looking to start safely, or an experienced rider looking to become better, give us a call. We hope you'll enjoy riding with us as much as we do.

- Brian Murray
President/all around swell guy
Socal Supermoto LLC